At The Treatment Room, we offer both basic and specialist waxing treatments, using both hot wax and strip/warm wax methods of waxing.

What is the difference between strip/warm wax and hot wax?

Strip wax or warm wax requires a paper strip for removal. It is sticky and clings to the skin as well as hair in the area being waxed. Strip wax is most suitable for areas such as legs, back, and arms as larger areas can be covered and the strip waxing process is quicker than hot waxing.

Hot wax is not sticky in the same way as strip wax, and it does not require a paper strip for removal. It is thicker than strip wax and is allowed to cool briefly on the skin so that it shrink wraps the hair. The wax itself is then peeled away taking the unwanted hair with it.  Hot wax does not stick to skin, it only grabs hair. For this reason, clients tend to find that hot waxing is less painful and causes less irritation than strip waxing, particularly in sensitive areas. Hot wax is suitable for bikini areas, underarm and smaller areas such as lip, chin and brow.

Waxing Etiquette


Please arrive clean and refreshed. 

We recommend you exfoliate your skin 24hrs before your appointment as this will remove any dead skin cells on the surface and make it easier for the hair to be removed.

Length of hair

The hair needs to be a minimum of 1 centimetre to ensure maximum results.
If you have been shaving, you need a minimum of 2 weeks growth. If the hair is too short, the therapist will recommended that you do not carry out the treatment and wait until it is long enough to get the best results. If you are worried that the hair is too long, don’t worry we will trim it for you.

“Absolutely fab beautician! My nails and waxing are always perfect, Would highly recommend!!

Roxanne Catlyn 5 star