Eyelash and eyebrow treatments

5 Reasons to choose Brow Henna:
  1. Someone has reasonably full eyebrows but would like them a bit more expressive. The tattoo effect on the skin creates a much fuller look.
  2. Someone has sparse brows and wants them to be more prominent.
  3. Henna can be used to fill in bald spots in the eyebrows.
  4. It’s the perfect treatment for women who are not very good with makeup but want perfect eyebrows for a few days. For a city trip, for example.
  5. Eyebrow henna lasts longer than regular dye.

Eyebrow henna colors the hair for about five weeks, the print on the skin remains visible for 5 to 14 days. How long the henna is visible on the skin depends on various factors and varies per skin type and lifestyle. 

More frequent washing or scrubbing will cause the color to fade more rapidly. Oily skin also accelerates this process. 

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Eyebrow henna is not recommended in the following circumstances.

1. Very blond eyebrows or a very pale skin.
2. Very thin or short eyebrows. 
3. Too young. We don’t really see much harm in this, but the law requires a customer to be at least sixteen years old, so stick to that.
4. Oilly skin. Unfortunately henna dye disappears very quickly from this type of skin. How do you recognise this skin type? The skin is glossy and has large pores. The presence of very stiff eyebrow hairs may also be an indicator.
5. Pregnancy.
6. Very dark and full eyebrows.
7. Summer holiday. Direct sunlight on the eyebrows is not recommended for the first 24-48 hours after treatment.
8. An allergy to – or a sensitive reaction to – eyebrow dye. If there has been a previous allergic reaction after applying a henna tattoo.
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5 Golden Rules (After care) 
  • Keep the eyebrows dry for at least 24 hours; if showering, keep your head dry.
  • If possible, avoid high intensity excercise or a visit to the sauna. Sweat can also have an effect.
  • As long as the color is on the skin, use as few cleansing products as possible on the eyebrows.
  • Don’t expose yourself to direct sunlight or use a sunbed for at least 24 hours after the treatment.
  • In intense sunlight, apply high factor protection to the eyebrows while the color remains. Not only will this make the color last longer but it will also reduce the risk of allergic reactions.
  • Always allow at least 5 weeks between treatments in order to avoid potential development of an allergy.


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