Dermaplaning, also known as blading is the newest and most effective way to eliminate dead skin cells. It is the MUST HAVE procedure on the market at the moment and a firm favourite with celebrities and models, who have to be ‘close up ready’ at all times.

If you have rough/dry skin, hyper pigmentation, mild acne scarring, facial hair, fine lines, tiny wrinkles then this procedure is 100% for you.

Dermaplaning removes Peach Fuzz making makeup application smooth and flawless and it also removes the outer most layers of dead skin cells leaving the skin immediately smooth, supple and vibrant. Derma planing (blading) is another non-traumatic method of skin rejuvenation.

How is this treatment performed?

The treatment is done with 10 gauge scalpel scraping across the surface of the skin.

Is this Treatment Safe?

This treatment, when professionally trained, is extremely safe. There is no more risk to the skin than when a man shaves his face. As long as the practitioner has adequate training, the treatment should be very easy and quick.

Myth: If you are ‘blading” the skin on the face, the hairs on the face grow back thicker. FALSE. It is physiologically impossible for your fine facial hairs to grow back thicker. If this were true – every time you shaved your legs or underarms – the hair would become thicker. Hair thickness and structure has more to do with hormones and heredity – than razors.

Is this Treatment painful?

This treatment is pain free and surprisingly relaxing.

How often is this procedure performed?

We recommend blading be performed every 4 -weeks. Think of it as routine care. Blading the skin actually removes about 6 weeks worth of dead skin cells. We would not recommend treating the skin more often than that.

What skin types/conditions can be treated?

All skin types can benefit from derma planing or blading, however, I would not recommend this treatment for those suffering from acne and an over production of the sebaceous gland. The oils from the sebaceous gland need to travel up and connect with the vellous hair.